VMware AVA (Intelligent Hub Virtual Assitant) as part of Workspaceone UEM

By | July 6, 2020

Hub service virtual assistant or the Hub assistant is a digital chatbot that improvises and enhances the employee experience by deploying self service tools. Hub Assistant chatbot will provide the employee by engaging to commonly asked questions through conversational method using NLP and gets the task accomplished using simple workflows.

Hub Assistant is powered by IBM Watson for natural language processing (NLP).Watson Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the meaning behind the user’s request so you can provide an engaging problem-solving chatbot experience. Workspace ONE provides a pre-trained configured Watson Assistant dialog skill that lets you import into your own Watson Assistant instance. Dialog skill is trained to understand a user’s intent to create and view Help tickets and answer to their questions about benefits and company policies. we can use Hub Assistant as provided out of the box, or we can train Hub Assistant and build out customised internal workflows.

How Does the Watson Assistant work ?

Watson Assistant uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand user inquiries. Watson Assistant can then provide meaningful answers or search existing knowledge bases for answers. Watson assistant interface allows you to train and improve the assistant which includes :

  • Users interact with the assistant through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in the app or from a web browser.
  • The assistant receives the user’s input and routes the input to the dialog skill.
  • The dialog skill interprets the user input, then directs the flow of the conversation. The dialog skill gathers information to respond or perform a transaction on the user’s behalf.
  • Any questions that the dialog skill cannot answer are sent to the search skill. The search skill searches the company knowledge bases that you configured to find the relevant answers.

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