Remote Device Access through Android Device Farm, Is it Device as a Service ?

By | July 6, 2020

As i was going through OCTO blogs of VMware, Came across this awesome solution where one of the team from VMware handled and reused thousands of dormant android devices using open source solution (STF), They call the solution as Android Device Farm, Which sounds catchy its like a farmhouse of android devices which are ready to be used remotely.

This was a nimble thinking because during the crisis period like this, people might not be able to access the corporate test mobiles and mostly they wont be allowed to carry due to government / local restrictions. This team Clubed up all the devices and provided remote access to the thousands of various types of android devices.

Solution and Architecture: 

Although the framework is opensource it so curious to see the solution they created to access thousands of android devices, ADF (Android Device Farm) is a web application that can provide access to multiple mobile devices. As per the sources, a web portal runs on a server (called a master) that is connected to host machines (called providers) via an internal network and the host machines have the physical mobile devices connected.

As the solution is internally developed for internal usage, we wont be having access / methods to check out the solution which has been built, All they claim upon is they have significantly reduced the device procurement cost, potential e-waste and physical availability of the devices.

Looks like there are roadmap for the above solution to enhance further and not publicly available as of now , You may need to connect to if need some few more information or access related to the above solutions

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